A little background why Asukal Cakes & Desserts got created…

  • Passion for creating something people will love.
  • Boyfriend's support and his love for sugar, urmmmm I meant desserts.
  • Friends' belief on my so called "talent".

Short and sweet, but I couldn't have summarized it any better.

Special Mentions:

  • Rita's Profiterols.
  • Hiyas and I attempting to make Rita's Profiterols for the first time (oh what the heck, let's decorate and make them pretty).
  • Bless' tea party.
  • Ashley's and Lisa's love for Tiramisu shots - A must for their Wedding!!!
  • Jovyl's first order of french macaroons to a wedding.
  • Liezel's unstoppable compliment ("my gosh Roz, you're mango cake is soooo good").
  • Rose's fight with hubby (mango cake is mine!).
  • Friends birthday celebrations.